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View from the Diaspora

By Percival La’Touche

President,The Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents (Jamaica)

I bring warm greetings from Jamaica, and extend sincere congratulations to the organizers of this very important event. Food is a high priority concern worldwide and it is good that we in the region are declaring our intention of influencing supply and availability.

The theme of my presentation is participation. This I place at the core of efforts to involve the Diaspora in issues of importance in the region. And by Diaspora I am speaking of persons living abroad and those who have returned to the Caribbean in recent times. They have returned home but their attachment to persons living abroad play a significant role in the economic and social development of the region.

In focusing on the issues, I want to emphasize four levels of concern regarding development of the agriculture and, by extension, the food sector.

The first level of concern is Finance. I need not dilate on this, because many speakers a have highlighted the magnitude of this issue. I merely want to add that this is not just about the availability of money, but the management and use of money is a significant factor in the development of agriculture in the Caribbean countries.

The second level of concern is incentives. Agriculture is a field with many professional aspects. Yet, it is viewed as being unattractive to those who aspire towards educational and technological careers. It is absolutely necessary to provide incentives for persons to specialize in agricultural and bring a new level of inventiveness and to field. These should aim at expanding production and economic progress.

My third observation is related to the lack of a strategic mindset among those who are involved in the sector. In Jamaica for instance, the majority of persons who are involved in agriculture are ‘small farmers’. These are persons with small plots of land and very little access to technology. Their main concerns are for the welfare and survival of family and they display little interest in strategic viewpoints associated with agricultural production. Much needs to be done to change these mindsets and to encourage new attitudes and behavior towards agricultural production.

The fourth concern is the fact of misrepresentation of the nature of agricultural activities. For instance, agriculture among certain sections of the population is that agriculture is ‘dirty work’. Secondly, agriculture is considered to be low status and viewed as providing limited potential for social progress.

Jamaica, over time has made great efforts providing infrastructure, public information and financial investments with varying degrees of success. Nonetheless there still is urgent need for improvement both in the areas of production of primary agricultural goods and secondary products.

Having looked at some of the issues, the major concern is that effort to enhance progress in agricultural development is that new efforts must ensure success of whatever intervention is made. This brings me to the necessity for participation. Celestin Monga a noted African writer states the following. “An equal rights self-development can only be achieved in a participatory society; a society which fosters a sense of political efficacy, nurtures a concern for problems and contributes to the formation of a knowledgeable citizenry capable of taking sustained interest in the governing process”.

This tells me that efforts to achieve success in agriculture and food production requires the fulsome participation of citizens in a creative endeavor. I suggest that this is possible through greater involvement of Community Based Organisations (CBO). This must be accompanied by interventions to enhance commitment, knowledge and skill that drive initiatives and efficacy. The process of handingdown directives, and talking down to ‘small-farmers’ will not stir enthusiasm, nor will it infuse creativity. A new spirit of commitment will emerge only from a new understanding of the ultimate goal and belief that the goal is achievable.





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for further details contact the (returning residents association)

@ tel: (876)-754-3790/ (876)-352-2509/ (867)-925-7277

email: info@ja-rrr.com or latouche.percival@gmail.com




Beautiful!!!! Beautiful!!!

House must sale in hector’s river Portland

over looking the beautiful Caribbean sea

no reasonable offer will be refused

Displaying jamaica house.jpgDisplaying jamaica house.jpg

The idyllic Jamaica home of Errol Bennett Snr and the scene of his horrific murder



for further details contact the (returning residents association)

@ tel: (876)-754-3790/ (876)-352-2509/ (867)-925-7277

email: info@ja-rrr.com or latouche.percival@gmail.com




Dear Mr. Latouche,


RRU Policy Review


This is to advise that I have decided to engage key stakeholders such as Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders in addition to meetings already held with your Association to ensure broad consultation.


I have received a submission from the CBFFAJ and a Submission will be made to the July 2016  meeting of the Jamaica Customs Agency Advisory Board; thereafter the matter will be escalated to the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.


You will be updated regarding the progress in this matter and intra Ministerial Review.(MFAFT and MFoPS)



  1. Ms Merly Lamberts refund cheque was prepared and a representative collected it on her behalf.
  2. Mr.  Adolph Robinson whose wife advised that his application was not approved submitted all outstanding documents today and his status has been approved. He was also provided with the letter addressed to the Trade Board to obtain an import license. Note that he has committed a breach by importing a vehicle prior to obtaining the requisite permit.
  3. Alkah Brown of whom you are familiar received the returning resident status in 2004 therefore being that the status is granted her shipment was deemed personal  and the mobility scooter referred to at our meeting is in fact a commercial ice cream vending motor cycle.


it is regretted that  the cases which have been highlighted by you in the media have not in most instances been totally accurate. Notwithstanding we recognize that you may not have been fully aware of all the facts surrounding the circumstances of the persons you have sought to represent.


The JCA however continues to engage you in with respect to recommendations to facilitate quality customer service.




Major (ret’d)  Richard Reese

Commissioner Of Customs

Jamaica Customs Department

Myers Wharf, New Port West



Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents

3 Cargill Avenue, Kingston 10; Suite #8,  Telephone 754-3790 [o];352-2509 [c]

Email: info@ja-rrr.com ; Website: www.ja-rrr.com

13th July, 2016


Dear Major Reese:

This acknowledges receipt of your email dated July, 12, 2016.

I note your information regarding the engagement of  key stakeholders, such as the Custom Brokers and   Freight Forwarders. 

You mentioned also that this matter would have been escalated to the Ministry of the Public Service and that I would be updated on the progress and intra Ministerial Review.  I recall that I was previously informed by you that this information would have been conveyed to the Ministry of Finance and Public Service and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.  A meeting date was anticipated. This has not happened to date.  

It s approximately two [2] months since that email dated the 16th May, 2016. Three months [3]  – 25th April, 2016 since the meeting with yourself and your staff members.

Major Reese we discussed in great detail the policies and status requirement for returning residents. Issues were raised from individuals, notes were taken by you in relation to these matters and concerns. 

  1. Renouncing citizenship
  2. Separation letter from your Employers  
  3. One Entry Entitlement

These were some of the main issues raised.

Major Reese, it is vital to review comments made by the returning residents.  These comments cannot be frowned at and need urgent, careful consideration in order to move our country forward with the growth initiative announced by the Prime Minister to welcome all our returnees back to their homeland, Jamaica, without any harassment and hostility from Customs.

Meeting with Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarders is a separate matter and should be dealt with separately from the main issues 1, 2 and 3 above.

It is clear in my mind that you don’t wish to collaborate  any further with these issues which have now become extremely important and need prompt action.

I would like to be implicitly clear on the second to last paragraph that the issues outlined in the Media by me are not inaccurate.  I have documented proof of concerns that I raised in the Media from the returning residents.  Everything that comes from me is factual and can be collaborated!.  It appears that perhaps you may have little knowledge of what is currently happening in your Department.

Looking forward to a closure to this matter.


Percival LaTouche






Good Morning Mr LaTouche. My Name is Denzil Mason I spoke to you yesterday. And first a foremost I must thank you for the good work you are doing for Returnees also the good advice you give. First as a person like my self looking to return to his home land I fine it very frustrated. I feel that Jamaica does not want us back in our own home land. Because if they did they would not sit there and cook up all these stupid ideas. 1 such as renouncing the citizenship of the country that has Provide us with all we have in life.2 the matter of providing the last three year tax return 3 proof of Purchase of home. Proof of where the money comes from when we buy a home in Jamaica all these things is wrong. As Returnees Jamaica should embrace us with open arms. Because with out our Funds coming into the country how would they survive, the Pension that come into the Country amounts to Hundreds of Millions of pounds each year this Money is been spent in the country in many ways. I am not just Concern with those coming from Englandbut all the other Jamaican that live in various countries around the world. There are many Jamaican that has plenty funds that could come in and do a lot for the country but they refuse to. They rather go to anotherCaribbean island to reside than their own. And this is sad. And yet these people are proud Jamaican, so please Percival try and do your utmost best to win this one we are all behind you.

Yours truly,

Mr Mason




Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents

3 Cargill Avenue, Kingston 10; Suite #8,  Telephone 754-3790 [o];352-2509 [c]

Email: latouche.percival@gmail.cominfo@ja-rrr.com ; Website: www.ja-rrr.com

17th June, 2016

Dear Major Reese:

Greetings and salutations.

I  am forced to write this letter to you today, June 17, 2016 in regard to your email sent to me on the 27th May, 2016 re arranging a meeting with the Financial Secretary and the State Minister , for a date which I would be advised of.  I find it strange that a meeting of this nature could be treated with such scant regard.  Major Reese, I have been waiting patiently to hear from you regarding a set date.  The Jamaicans in the Diaspora who are planning to return home are anxiously waiting to hear the outcome of this meeting.

Major Reese,  we  cannot sit idly by and allow our brothers and sisters  to  be migrating to Antigua, Belize, Barbados, Miami etc..

Having a meeting to finalise these important issues is a matter of great urgency and although I am quite cognizant of the fact that everyone’s schedule is full, I am voicing that such an important issue that will help the country to benefit financially should be given some urgent action.  Some issues to be finalized are –

  1. The renouncing of Citizenship
  2. Separation of jobs
  3. Mr. Charles Douglas infirmed returnee, where all his  tools of trade and other items were sold at auction without notification
  4. The immediate implementation of the one entry system
  5. The selling of returnees properties overseas and the proof of  purchase of property in Jamaica
  6. The matter of  presentation of Tax Returns T4, 1040, 1099, P60 and P45 for at least 3 years
  7. The matter of tools of trade being in possession for a period of time

I am therefore imploring you Major Reese to use your good office to can arrange with the relevant persons a meeting for us to have discussions and so be able to move forward for a mutual settlement  of these issues.



Anticipating your prompt response.


Kind regards


Percival LaTouche





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Returning Residents are shafted by customs!!!!

Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents

3 Cargill Avenue, Kingston 10; Suite #8,  Telephone 754-3790 [o];352-2509 [c]

Email: info@ja-rrr.com ; Website: www.ja-rrr.com

Major Richard Reese

Commissioner of Customs

Jamaica Customs Agency

New Port East

Kingston 15.

Dear Major Reese

Thank you for your email dated 29 April 2016, I write in regards to our meeting 25th April 2016 along with members of the returning residents.

We discussed in great details the policy and the status requirements for returning residents, issues were raise from individuals, notes were taken by you in relation to these matter and concerns of the returnees

you stated that a draft copy would be circulated to us. To date we have not received that draft copy as promised.

It is vital to review comments made by the returning residents and myself these issues cannot be frowned at, and needs careful consideration In Order to move forward to welcome all our returnees back to their home land Jamaica without any harassment and hostility.

There are thousand Jamaicans wanting to return home, but due to the hassle and ill-treatment, they are now having second thoughts, one returnee who spoke to me yesterday they once were scared of the gun men, they feel that customs is worse than the gun men. We should be welcoming all Jamaica back with open arms as this would create hugger investment, employment etc. for our country,

Jamaica, Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America respect dual citizenship. It is unconstitutional for customs to be asking Jamaicans to resign their jobs and renounce their citizenship to qualify for returning residents status. It is clearly stated by government that once you have spent three (3) consecutive years oversea you’re entitled to returning resident status.

Your urgent response is anticipated.

Kind Regards

Percival LaTouche




to all members who were in attendance.



Mr. La Touche,
> Thank you for the opportunity to voice concerns regarding changes in requirements for returning residents. My husband and I migrated to the United States 17 years ago and have worked towards retuning to Jamaica in the next 5 years. We have monitored and reviewed the requirements on the government of Jamaica’s website consistently to ensure we meet the requirements.
> Recently, we noticed the section labeled “from abroad” with the following clauses which are of major concern.
> ~ Evidence of recent disposal of property owned
> ~ Proof of retirement
> Most residents wanting to return home have not yet reached retirement but wish to return home; therefore, if I am not a retiree it is subjective and can be interpreted by the accepting officer as they see fit. We both have not yet retired and see no reason for Jamaica to determine the time of return to country of birth. Disposal of property owned abroad is a requirement which is questionable. Why would we be required to sell our home as if we never existed in the country, what of existing family members who still reside in the country? After 17 years in a country a family exists with vested interest in our property;therefore, we wish to keep our family home which is a residence for our adult and college child.
> Returning home seems to be a hassle than an incentive based the various stipulations. We have worked long and hard with the hope of returning home still as functional individuals and look forward to all year sunshine and no snow. Educated abroad and appreciative of the wealth of knowledge gained, we look forward to giving back to our country; however, asking returning residents to give up their citizenship to gain access to one’s place of birth is unacceptable and should be addressed by the authority.
> Please assist us in getting clarification on why the changes or direct us in gaining accurate information to make a more informed decision. At this point, we have started planning our return by purchasing property in Portland and have gone through the various checklist to ensure we conform but these concerns have made us question our final decision.

Karon Cooke-Euter
Nebraska, USA


Returning Residents Rep, Customs Boss Meet Over Shipping Issues

Published:Thursday | April 28, 2016 | 10:23 AM

The Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents says Jamaica Customs Department has given a commitment to examine the issues faced by returning residents who ship items to Jamaica.

President of the returning residents association Percival Latouche says the commitment was given earlier this week in a meeting with Commissioner of Customs Major Richard Reese.

LaTouche says the association questioned a requirement by customs for persons to show they have renounced their citizenship elsewhere when they claim to be returning residents.

He says several returning residents have lost millions of dollars due to what he calls  draconian measures employed by customs.

LaTouche says his association is hoping to hear how soon Jamaica Customs plans to address the issues faced by returning residents.


President of the returning residents association Percival LaTouche

In March, Major Reese said some returning residents did not understand the laws regarding their return to Jamaica.

Reese also said the Customs Department only requires information that verifies that persons are qualified to enter the island as returning residents.






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