With a capacity of dialysing 12 patients per session, our primary objective is to deliver the highest level of services therefore ensuring the comfort and well being of our patients at all times.  We have combined state-of-the-art medical facilities and the latest-generation technological equipment and coupled this with exceptional staff to allow us to be a ‘best in class’ dialysis provider in Jamaica.

At Zierlich ‘We care for your health’

GWEST Medical Complex Site Facilities

● 24hr onsite security

● 24hr drive through Pharmacy

● Free underground parking facilities

● Disabled wheel chair access to Centre

● Onsite Ambulance Service

● Onsite Laboratory

● Radiologist and screening facilities

● Cardiologist

● General Practitioners

● Physiotherapist

● Orthodontist

● Cornwall Regional Hospital 10 minutes away from the Centre


● Relax and recover in our comfortable recovery lounge

● Hot and cold freshly made juices and light bites are available

● Kidney Detox and dietary information available

● Nutritionist consultation services available

Physicians are present at every dialysis session and are available around the clock for advice and emergencies.

Support & Care

Whether you are residing in Jamaica, a holiday maker or returning home to visit family, our aim is to make your stay in Jamaica as stress free as possible.  We offer a pre screening service, once accepted you can go ahead and book your holiday knowing that your dialysis arrangements will be taken care of  prior to your arrival in Jamaica.


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