Mr. La Touche,
> Thank you for the opportunity to voice concerns regarding changes in requirements for returning residents. My husband and I migrated to the United States 17 years ago and have worked towards retuning to Jamaica in the next 5 years. We have monitored and reviewed the requirements on the government of Jamaica’s website consistently to ensure we meet the requirements.
> Recently, we noticed the section labeled “from abroad” with the following clauses which are of major concern.
> ~ Evidence of recent disposal of property owned
> ~ Proof of retirement
> Most residents wanting to return home have not yet reached retirement but wish to return home; therefore, if I am not a retiree it is subjective and can be interpreted by the accepting officer as they see fit. We both have not yet retired and see no reason for Jamaica to determine the time of return to country of birth. Disposal of property owned abroad is a requirement which is questionable. Why would we be required to sell our home as if we never existed in the country, what of existing family members who still reside in the country? After 17 years in a country a family exists with vested interest in our property;therefore, we wish to keep our family home which is a residence for our adult and college child.
> Returning home seems to be a hassle than an incentive based the various stipulations. We have worked long and hard with the hope of returning home still as functional individuals and look forward to all year sunshine and no snow. Educated abroad and appreciative of the wealth of knowledge gained, we look forward to giving back to our country; however, asking returning residents to give up their citizenship to gain access to one’s place of birth is unacceptable and should be addressed by the authority.
> Please assist us in getting clarification on why the changes or direct us in gaining accurate information to make a more informed decision. At this point, we have started planning our return by purchasing property in Portland and have gone through the various checklist to ensure we conform but these concerns have made us question our final decision.

Karon Cooke-Euter
Nebraska, USA

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