Nothing Personal Against Commissioner Carl Williams



I use this medium to record my utter astonishment and disappointment at the reaction and comments I have been made aware of being made by police officers and other persons, regarding my comments that the Commissioner of Police should resign because in my opinion, he was not able to handle the job.

I am made to understand that it is being said that my comments were made because the Commissioner did not respond to letters addressed to him from me, requesting his urgent intervention in a matter relating to the safety of returning residents residing in the St. Ann area. I find such comments, petty, trivial, certainly untrue and without basis.

My comments about the Commissioner’s resignation had absolutely nothing to do with any non-response of letters to him.  It is indeed most shameful that as a nation we are not able to discern and put a rationale connection when comments are made.

I have nothing personal against Commissioner Carl Williams and his resignation is not the only resignation I have had reason to call for.  In the past there have been at least five [5] other senior officers who, in my opinion, were not fulfilling the mandate of their office and I called for their resignation.  It had nothing to do with any personal matter.

I am still convinced that Commissioner Williams is unable to adequately manage this portfolio and therefore is not the man for the job.  This call has nothing whatsoever to do with any other                  issue and I wish for the public to be made aware of the facts.  

Percival LaTouche



For contact – 352-2509 


Date: 5-8-2015

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